Snapshots from the Time / Life exhibition


The exhibition of Time / Life is now over and a nice evening with a lot of fruitful experiences as well.

Sadly we packed up, but the documentation material will be available soon. We have a lot to chew on and work with :)


For now some snapshots from the Time / Life atmosphere:





Opening today… 6pm.

The exhibition opens in only a few hours from now. We are of course very excited and  looking forward to seeing a lot of visitors.

We remind you that the exhibition runs from 18.00 to 22.00, so there is a good chance to participate and experience the piece.

Also please note that the installation is best experienced with a smaller audience. So if the theatre room is full already, please consider taking a cup of coffee or a beer in the nice foyer and cafe of Teater Nordkraft before visiting the installation. It is worth waiting a bit :)

Also we recommend to visit the other exhibitions related to the Art and Technology BA-graduation round – there is a lot to see around town. Detailed program here.

Hope to see you tonight!



1 Day to go… Ready for exhibition

Only one day to go until the display of Time / Life….!



We are almost ready to show, now working on some very final details and touches. It is an incredible feeling to be in a theatre like Teater Nordkraft and all of the lovely people are giving us helping hands… Wonderful. We really appreciate.


The scenery gets more and more into place, a little secret of a bedroom:



Final touches and getting ready to move

So… we are in the very last phase of our design process and soon we are getting ready to move into Teater Nordkraft. Everything is very exciting right now, we are doing a lot of testing, designing our responsive system to the end and putting all of the pieces in place.

Here are some snapshots from our and the project’s daily life: